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Receiving a high reviews on Google is not just a testament to our exceptional service; it's a reflection of the trust and satisfaction our customers place in us. We're committed to delivering excellence and ensuring every customer experience is nothing short of outstanding.


The checklist

After the cleaning is complete we will leave you a phyical checklist with the cleaners initials next to each item done.


M-L1 & M-L2 items include a full cleaning and mild disinfection.

M - L1

Clean countertop surfaces

Clean exterior of refrigerator

Clean exterior of oven

Clean exterior of dishwasher

Clean exterior & interior of microwave

Clean water tap, handles and sink

Spot clean exterior of cabinets

Clean floor

Clean items on counters that appear dirty

Clean exterior of trash can

Clean exterior toaster oven

Clean exterior of coffee maker

M - L2

Clean interior of refrigerator

Clean interior of oven

Full clean exterior of cabinets

Clean light fixtures

M - L3

Clean interior of cabinets

Clean on top of cabinets

CA - L1

Dishes loaded in dish washer

Start dish washer if needed or full

Dishes cleaned by hand

Take out trash from kitchen

CA - L2

Dishes unloaded and put away

Clean interior of trashcan & recycle bin

D - L1

Disinfect water tap, handles and sink

Disinfect handles of cabinets & drawers

Disinfect handles of appliances & trashcan

D - L2

Disinfect countertop surfaces

Disinfect interior of trashcan & recycle bin

D-L1 & D-L2 items are saturated with a disinfectant for a dwell time of 5 minutes killing 99% of germs and viruses.


M-L1 & M-L2 items include a full cleaning and mild disinfection.

M - L1

Clean toilet exterior and interior

Clean shower walls up to 6 feet in height

Clean shower glass

Clean shower pan

Clean bathtub & surrounding tile

Spot clean exterior of cabinets

Clean Shower head, tap, and handles

Clean exterior of items next to toilet

Clean Vanity

Clean Mirror

Clean Baseboards

Clean floor

M - L2

Clean bathroom door

Ventilation fans

Clean shower walls over 6 feet in height

Full clean exterior of cabinets

Clean light fixtures

Clean light switches & outlets

Clean interior windows

Clean interior window tracks

Dusting or cleaning blinds

CA - L1

Clean exterior of bottles in shower or tub

CA - L2

Replace bath or hand towels with fresh ones

Aesthetic placement of bottles, supplies etc.

D - L1

Disinfect toilet exterior and interior

Disinfect floor within 18 inch radius of toilet

Disinfect sink taps and handles

D - L2

Disinfect cabinet handles

Disinfect shower walls up to 6 feet in height

Disinfect shower glass

Disinfect shower pan

Disinfect bathtub

Disinfect vanity

Disinfect light switches & outlets

D-L1 & D-L2 items are saturated with a disinfectant for a dwell time of 5 minutes killing 99% of germs and viruses.

Laundry Room

M-L1 & M-L2 items include a full cleaning and mild disinfection.

M - L1

Clean exterior of washer

Clean exterior of dryer

Dust shelves

Vacuum baseboards with crevice tool

Vacuum sides of washer & dryer using crevice tool

Spot clean exterior of cabinets

Clean floor

M - L2

Full clean exterior of cabinets

Clean baseboards

CA - L1

Fold or hang clothes

CA - L2

Do laundry

Empty lint filter

Fold and restock towels, linens etc.

D - L1

Disinfect washer and dryer handles

D - L2

Disinfect interior of washer surfaces

D-L1 & D-L2 items are saturated with a disinfectant for a dwell time of 5 minutes killing 99% of germs and viruses.

Throughout Home

Includes anywhere in the home as well as all previous rooms mentioned. If an item is mentioned in the rooms above specifically default to that even if it is mentioned here again.

M-L1 & M-L2 items include a full cleaning and mild disinfection.

M - L1

Vacuum and mop hard floors

Vacuum carpeted areas

Vacuum around furniture with crevice as needed

Vacuum around walls with crevice as needed

Dusting non cluttered/excessively staged home

Dusting window sills

Empty & reline all small trashcans

Clean mirrors

M - L2

Clean sides and legs of tables and desks

Clean interior windows

Clean interior window tracks

Dusting or cleaning blinds

Dusting cluttered/excessively staged home in full

Clean baseboards

Clean light fixtures

Clean light switches

Clean ceiling fans

Clean picture frames

Clean intake vents

Clean supply vents

Spot clean walls up to 6 feet in height

Spot clean doors & door jams

Clean television screens

M - L3

Shampoo carpets

CA - L1

Pick up toys, clothes or other clutter on floors

Light organization

Make beds with existing linens

CA - L2

Make beds with fresh linens

Clean interior of small trashcans

Aesthetic presentation kitchen chairs etc.

Aesthetic presentation lamps, remotes etc.

NCN - L1

Spot clean walls over 6 feet in height

Spot clean ceiling

Full clean doors & door jams

NCN - L2

Full clean walls

Full clean ceiling

D - L1

Disinfect door handles

Disinfect light switches

D - L2

Disinfect stair handrails

Disinfect high touch points unique to home

Disinfect interior of small trashcans

D-L1 & D-L2 items are saturated with a disinfectant for a dwell time of 5 minutes killing 99% of germs and viruses.


M-L1 & M-L2 items include a full cleaning and mild disinfection.

M - L1

Clean under & around pet feeding areas

Vacuum dog/cat beds (speedy not meticulous)

Vacuum cat trees (speedy not meticulous)

M - L2

Clean wall behind pet areas

Clean exterior of pet dishes

Clean interior of pet dishes

CA - L1

Give pet client supplied treat upon arrival

D - L1

Disinfect under & around pet area

Disinfect wall behind pet areas

D - L2

Disinfect exterior of pet dishes

Disinfect interior of pet dishes

D-L1 & D-L2 items are saturated with a disinfectant for a dwell time of 5 minutes killing 99% of germs and viruses.

M - L1 Maintenance Level 1

These items are done in every home every time. This is the most important set of items on our list. If there does happen to be something on this list you don't want done just let us know. By default we automatically do these items.

M - L2 Maintenance Level 2

For recurring cleanings we set up a rotation for these items. A rotation just means they will be done on a frequency you are comfortable with. We are also happy to do these items on demand. Just let us know when you're ready to have them done. Typically these items don't need done as frequently as M-L1 items and that is why we like you to let us know how often you would like to have them cleaned. For move in/out cleanings we recommend having all M-L1 and ML-2 items completed for a full home cleaning also known as a deep cleaning.

CA - L1 Custom Assist Level 1

These items typically need done for homes that are either very busy or really enjoy the extras we can provide.

CA - L2 Custom Assist Level 2

These items are well suited for rental properties that need to be 100% perfect without the owners/managers intervention or for anyone who really likes a tailored experience.

D - L1 Disinfection

These items are recommended for homes that have members who frequently visit high risk areas such as schools or hospitals

D - L2 Disinfection

These items along with D - L1 are recommended if a member of the home has been exposed to or recently had a flu or virus.

We customize your cleaning program to match your needs and budget

We are the leaders in home disinfection! Other companies claim to be disinfecting things while they clean but this is only partially true. The reason is because to properly and fully disinfect something you need to let the disinfectant dwell on the surface. It needs to applied and completely saturate the surface for at least five minutes to kill 99% of bacteria and viruses.

Just like our competitors we use cleaners that are also disinfectants. We kill some bacteria and viruses while we clean. What sets us apart and makes us different is we use the highest quality, safe, natural and biodegradable disinfectants. We also don't try to trick our clients into thinking that things magically get fully disinfected without proper saturation and dwell time. If you desire a true & complete disinfection you found the right company.

Our primary disinfectant is Natures Fury All Purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant (hypochlorous acid). Don't let the scientific name scare you. It's natural, non toxic and biodegradable. It's a weak acid with powerful cleaning and disinfecting abilities. The PH level of hypochlorous acid falls between 5.5 and 6.5. For comparison white vinegar is 2.5. The lower the number the more acidic something is. Many things are acids but don't have it in their name. We actually love vinegar, a stronger acid than Natures Fury, however we only use after proper dilution and on surfaces it's safe on. The reason Natures Fury is so amazing is because it is a stronger disinfectant, powerful cleaner and gentle on a wide range of surfaces.

When we do a D-L1 or D-L2 items we clean an area first, apply disinfectant, and let it dwell on the surface for five minutes. After which time we completely remove the disifectant with a microfiber cloth. On the disifected surface 99% of bacteria and viruses have been killed.

We don't use bleach, lysol or other harsh chemicals. We believe that if you clean a home with substances like this, even though it may look clean afterward, you are technically polluting someone's home with toxicity which can make them sick or even cause cancers. It's not good for the environment, our clients, or our cleaning professionals.

With such an extensive checklist you might be wondering what we won't do. The list is small! We are not insured on the exterior of buildings. We don't do exterior windows or patios. We have two and three step ladders. If we can reach your ceiling fans or other important items with them we will definitely get them clean for you. If not, we ask you to provide a sturdy safe ladder so that we can accommodate higher things. If it's really high or dangerous we may not be willing to do it. We allow our cleaners to decide if they are comfortable in a situation like this.


Every home is unique. Our pros not only do everything you would expect but are happy to go above and beyond to do things you never thought of.


Our commercial services allow you to focus on what you do best without having to worry about your environment. We take care of that.

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If it wasn't done right, let us know and one of our managers will come and fix it for you FREE of charge.


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Experience absolute peace of mind, knowing that we adhere unwaveringly to the highest standards and values endorsed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).



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